Hair Transplant in Guwahati and Northeast by Dr. P. J. Mazumdar

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About Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic and Dr. P. J. Mazumdar

Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic performed the first FUE Hair Transplant in Guwahati, Assam and the North East in 2012.

and offers the best and most cost effective results in completely modern and hospital based setting for total safety.

Dr. P. J. Mazumdar is the first American Board Certified Diplomate in Hair Transplant from the American Board of Hair Restoration Society in North East India

and all procedures and counselling are performed strictly according to standard American and International ethical and technological guidelines.


why choose us

  • Doctor Qualifications: Dr. P. J. Mazumdar is the only American Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and hence is the highest qualified hair transplant specialist in the region. All procedures are done strictly according to American and International Guidelines.  
  • Clinic Safety: Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic is a part of Downtown Hospitals and hence all rules and regulations regarding sterility, fumigation, etc are strictly followed in the Hospital based Operation theatre. 
  • Clinic Experience: Dr. P. J. Mazumdar performed the first FUE hair transplant in the North East since 2012 and thousands have been treated and more than 500 operated since then
  • Single Specialist: Dr. P. J. Mazumdar himself will do all the steps of the procedure starting from the initial counselling, hairline planning, mandatory OT steps of extraction and slit making and post operative care. He will also be available permanently in Downtown for any post operative queries.
  • Best Instrumentation: Arogyam can claim to use the best instrumentation like 6X Heine Loupes, Blunt Titanium punches, Choi Implanters, etc
  • Ethical and Technical Standardisation: All International guidelines from ABHRS and ISHRS are followed, like strictly ethical costing, graft verification with counting tray images, trusted advise, complete information regarding all steps, etc. 

cost in hair transplant

Cost in Hair Transplant procedures vary widely.

Cost in Reputed AHRS centers is calculated on the basis of the number of Grafts done.

A graft is a collection of hair follicles - hair follicles do not exist singly but are grouped into clusters and these clusters are called follicular units or grafts. Grafts are extracted and planted individually and each graft contains 1,2,3 or even more number of hairs.

Cost Depends on a Number of Factors

  • The grade of baldness of the patient
  • The individual budget and expectation of the patient
  • The cost per graft for that clinic

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Contact Information for Dr. P. J. Mazumdar
Dr. P. J. Mazumdar.
Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic

Consultation hours:

Downtown Hospital:
From 12PM to 4 PM
on all weekdays.


Arogyam Hair Clinic :
From 4 PM to 7 PM
on all weekdays.

To know about the exact cost and other information, and for appointment, SMS or call directly at 9864014046 or 08811077011 or email at ''
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we provide medical treatment also for hair loss or any hair problem. When a person consults at our clinic, they are first assessed for their hair problem and an appropriate treatment plan is devised. Many hair problems including hair loss can be treated with medicines. SMP and LLLT are other available treatment options. When medicine treatment is possible, this is the primary mode of treatment. It is only when hair transplant is a must that it is advised for the patient.  

Pain is minimal in FUE hair transplant.

The whole procedure is done under Local Anesthetic. There is therefore no pain during the procedure itself. Postoperatively also, FUE causes much less pain than the earlier strip method and this pain is easily controlled by analgesics which have to be taken for about three days. In strip method, since there is an incision and there is also a stitch, pain is much more severe in the post operative period. Analgesics have to be taken for a longer time in the strip method.

Read more here about pain in hair transplant Pain in Hair Transplant.

This is of course always an important consideration in cosmetic procedures.

Cost in Hair Transplant depends on the number of grafts to be done. The number of grafts needed in turn depends on the area that is empty and also on the desire of the patient. Patients having larger bald areas will require more grafts. Also the patient's desires like how much density he wants and the area he wants to cover all affect the price. Some centers nowadays quote a lump sum to patients or quote price in terms of square centimetres but this is not fully honest as the patient then does not know exactly what he or she is going to get. Also, quoting price in terms of hairs rather than grafts and offering discounts are other ways of confusing the patient. Although some centers nowadays quote a lump sum to the patient or in terms of square centimetres or in hairs instead of grafts, in all reputed AHRS accredited clinics cost is calculated in terms of grafts which ensures total honesty and transparency.

At Arogyam Hair Transplant Center we are committed to offering a straightforward honest appraisal for costs and also to keeping the costs at the lowest possible rate for the people of the Northeast.

Read more here about the costs of hair transplant Hair Transplant Costs.

Hair transplant is a very safe procedure. Hair remains in the skin itself, and so the only thing that is dealt with in the procedure is the top layer of the skin. There is therefore no risk involved at all in any part of the procedure.

The FUE method is even safer than the strip method. In the strip method, a strip of skin is cut out and the edges have to be sutured. Though even this method is very safe, yet there is slight risk of excessive bleeding, wound infection, nerve injury leading to long term pain, etc. In FUE, even these risks are not there. A specialized small drill is used to remove the hair and special implanters are used to plant it back in the new site - there is no risk involved anywhere in this procedure.

In Hair Transplant, as in all medical procedures, it is extremely important to choose the right doctor and clinic. There are many new clinics mushrooming throughout India, and they all come with flashy advertising on the media and internet. A prospective patient is likely to get confused seeing the cheap discounts and catchy slogans that the companies come up with. What are the criteria that must be kept in mind so that a person can be sure that he is getting the right treatment and not being cheated? Look up here to understand what is important in selecting a doctor and clinic Criteria for selection of Hair Transplant Doctor and Clinic.

Our Results

Gallery of Hair Transplant cases of Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic Guwahati

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What are the cures for baldness? How can I reverse my baldness? What remedies and treatments are there for baldness?

These are questions that so many males have asked right from ancient times. But finally a scientific solution is there – Hair Transplantation, and the most modern technique of hair transplantation, the FUE method, has finally arrived in Guwahati, Assam and the Northeast. Baldness unfortunately is inevitable for all males. It is written into the male genetic code and accompanies aging.   

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Hair transplant is a procedure for treating hair loss

by transferring hair from the patient's own hair growing areas to bald areas. It is primarily used for male baldness but can also be used for female baldness, to reshape eyebrows, eyelashes, hair loss due to burns or trauma, etc



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Dr. P. J. Mazumdar is the only ABHRS

(American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) Certified Diplomate in the NE. American Board Certification is achieved through a long process requiring evidence of excellent results and skilled experience, and passing a tough oral and theoretical examination. It ensures adherence to international norms of the ISHRS and ABHRS.

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in the North East Award

Arogyam Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is proud to announce that it has been awarded the "Best Hair Transplant Clinic in the North East" in the Iconic Awards 2018 by BRW in association with Times Now News channel.

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Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut and still think they are sexy!!


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Quality assuarance

Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic takes several steps to ensure that quality is maintained for each and every patient. The key to quality maintenance is to implement quantizable quality standards and maintain proper documentation and review of processes. Downtown Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 and NABH accredited hospital which demands strict adherence to quality control.Steps taken are:

100% safety assurance: all procedures are done in the main OT of Downtown Hospital with its full complement of anesthesiologists and critical care specialists. Hence patients are assured of full safety standards at the same level as that of major surgeries including transplant surgeries.

100% sterilization assurance: since procedures are done in the major OT full sterilization is maintained. Fumigation is done every week and swab tests are done to check for contamination.

Best instrumentation: Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic uses the best available instruments like 6X Heine Loupe for precision and accuracy, Blunt Titanium punches which avoids damage and transection of the grafts, Choi implanters to standardise the process of planting and prevent damage during planting, Major OT level sterilization, fumigation and autoclaving of all instruments, etc.

Efficiency count: Efficiency counts for FUE like transection rates and speed of transplant are noted and documented for each case and reviewed every 10 cases. Arogyam Hair Transplant achieves international standards of transection and speed consistently.

Correct recepient density: To ensure correct recepient density, 'density stamps' are used to ensure proper density is achieved. Angle and direction of hair is meticulously maintained.

Out of body time: The out of body time, the time for which the graft is outside the body, is the most critical factor for success in hair transplant. Aroyam Hair Transplant follows a special procedure to ensure that this time is the minimum. This is done by doing only 500-600grafts at a time and then replanting them. This ensures that time out of body is less than or equal to1 hour only. This is the shortest period acheivable. Many centers do upto 2000-2500 grafts at a time so that time out of body goes upto 4-5 hours. We are proud of our time out of body quantum. Though this may cause some sacrifice of time but results are more important.

Follow up: follow up period is critical for the patient when there are many doubts and anxieties in his mind. In our clinic, Dr. P. J. Mazumdar will remain always accessible to the patient directly on his personal cell for any questions the patient may have during this period.

The academic certificates of Dr. P. J. Mazumdar may be examined here: Academic Certificates. His resume can be perused here: Resume. To find the contact address and other details, go to Contact. The blog contains various blog posts mainly on Hair Transplant. The Forum is where questions can be asked. To see photos of hair transplant cases done in Downtown Hair transplant clinic, go to Gallery. The Blog, Forum and Gallery pages are still under construction, please revisit after about a month.

- By Palash Mazumdar