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Hair patch or wig is a fast and convenient non surgical treatment for baldness and hair loss. Arogyam Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Guwahati, provides customized hair patches which are specially created to fit the customer's head very naturally. Our hair patches are also of a very high quality and are made of human hair with special skin coloured mesh. All our hair patches or wigs are imported from the US. All types of hair patches are available according to the customer's choice. 


Loss of hair or baldness can have an adverse effect on a person both socially and professionally. It can cause loss of confidence, and this leads to withdrawal in social occasions and also loss of faith in oneself and low morale in professional struggles. There are several studies which show that bald persons in general are less successful than those with hair. Hence many people look for a suitable way to treat their baldness.

There are several causes of baldness. Main cause is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia, which occurs due to hereditary causes. Female pattern baldness is the most common cause in females.


There are several treatments for baldness. Hair transplant is the main gold standard for baldness treatment. But it is a surgical procedure and hence not suitable for many people, so for them wig or hair patch is the best solution.

The main reasons for preferring wigs/hair patch over hair transplant are:

Cost: Hair transplant can cost between Rs 25000 to Rs 1,50,000 while wig is much cheaper ranging from Rs 6000 to Rs 20000.



Non-surgical treatment: many people do not want to undergo a surgical procedure and would rather go for a non-surgical method of treatment.

Large area of baldness: In those with a high degree of baldness, hair transplant is not suitable as donor area is limited and also cost would be too high

Unsuitability of hair transplant: in some cases hair transplant cannot be done, for example in chemotherapy patients or Alopecia universalis where all hair is lost, in patients having other diseases like heart problems which makes surgery risky, etc.

Non Surgical Treatment of Hair loss or Baldness:

The main non-surgical methods of treatment for hair loss or baldness is a hair patch or wig. The difference between a hair patch and wig is that wig covers the whole head, while a hair patch covers only the area of hair loss.

Wigs were worn in earlier days, and presently also in some cases like Judges, theaters,etc. But for baldness generally, a hair patch is used which covers only the area of hair loss. The term wig however is still commonly used even when a hair patch is meant.

Hair patches are attached to the bald area by two methods, Pasting and Hair Clips.

Pasting: Pasting is the most common and advanced method for hair patches nowadays. The avaibility of advanced gums which can give good binding and are non irritant nowadays has made this the most popular method. In this method, the area to be covered is first measured to create a customized hair patch. In Arogyam, we provide customized fittings so that the most natural look is obtained. Some standard measurements which fit most persons are kept in stock, but if the area does not fit the standard hair patches available, the customised hair patch has to be ordered which takes about 5 days. The bald area is then cleaned thoroughly. Any small hairs present in the area are shaved off. The adhesive is then applied and the hair patch is fitted over the area tightly. The hair patch is then cut and styled by a specialized barber to give the customer any look that he desires. The final look is first discussed and explained to the customer and when the whole process is complete he will look just the way that he desires.

This adhesive is very efficient and will last about 1 to 2 months very nicely. It gives a completely natural look and even the frontal hairline appears completely natural. The client wears this hair patch continuously, he does not have to take it off for sleeping, etc and he can also bath wearing it. It can be combed just like natural hair, and can also be shampooed while still being worn. The client also feels very comfortable while wearing it, just like if we wear a cap for some time we hardly notice after some time that we are wearing a cap and it feels most natural. Thus it is most hassle free. However, after a variable period of 1 to 2 months, the adhesive gradually becomes loose. The client then has to come to the clinic again for a touch up where the hair patch is taken off, the scalp cleaned and the hair patch reapplied with fresh adhesive. This process takes just 20 to 30 minutes.

Adhesive method has become the most popular for hair patches at present. Its advantages are that it is hassle free for the client, once it is attached, the customer does not have to worry about the hair patch anymore. Disadvantage is that regular touch ups require to be done every 1 to 2 months.

A hair patch can have different prices due to variation in hair quality and costs between Rs 8000 to Rs 20000 including fitting fees. Regular touch-ups for adhesive application cost Rs 800.

Clips: Hair patches can also be attached by clips. Here all other methods of measuring and preparing the hair patch are the same, but only difference is that the patch is not attached by adhesives. Instead small hair clips are sewn into the hair patch and these can then be attached to the surrounding natural hair. The front hairline is attached by double sided tapes. These tapes are available at the clinic and are not expensive.

The advantages of the clip method is that it can be used by people who perhaps feel uncomfortable at the thought of having something glued on to their scalp and it does not require regular touch-ups. Disadvantages are that it has to be taken off and reworn everyday during sleeping, bathing, etc. Also it can get dislodged easily if somebody touches the hair in crowds, etc and the customer needs to be very careful while wearing the patch, specially at the front hairline, otherwise it does not look natural.

Ultimately it is the customer's choice which mode of attachement he chooses. Both adhesives and clips are have their advantages and disadvantages and a customer can choose whichever he feels more comfortable in.

A question that is often asked by customers is about 'weaving'. Weaving is an older method of hair substitution where small 'bundles' of hair were attached to existing hair in bald persons either by stitching or gluing. This however did not give a natural look and weaving is hardly done nowadays as more advanced hair patches have been developed. Weaving is not done in Arogyam.

Arogyam Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic uses only the best quality of hair patches. All our hair patches are imported from the USA. They are all made of human hair which gives the most natural look. The mesh or base of the wig is also skin coloured to give the best effect. Specialized technicians who have been trained for this purpose do the actual fitting, and a specialized barber who has a long experience in hair patch styling does the cutting and styling.

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