Cost in Hair Transplant

Cost in Hair Transplant procedures vary widely.

Cost in the procedure is calculated on a per hair basis - that is, the cost could be a $5 (5 Dollars) or ₹250 ( Rs. 250) per hair, the average cost in the US, which means a 1000 hair transplant would cost ₹2,50,000 ( Rs. 2.5 Lakhs) for the transplant itself in the US. In addition, there are some extra charges like OT charges, tax, etc.

Cost varies firstly, on the type of procedure performed. FUE is more expensive than the strip method, as it is has more advantages and only few surgeons can offer this. FUE also takes up much more of the surgeon's time than the Strip method.

Costs also vary according to the region - typically costs will be more in larger cities than smaller ones. Individual variations in different clinics are also there - those with a larger infrastructure will typically charge more than small, single doctor units, which have fewer overheads (though the safety, sterility, etc may also be compromised in such units). Recently, a lot of controversy has arisen about unsafe, small illegal units which offer hair transplant at a discounted price as procedures done in such clinics pose a lot of risk to the patient.

Cost of hair transplant in India varies between ₹40 to ₹100 per hair. As discussed just now, the costs vary according to whether it is FUE or not, the size of the center, etc. In Kolkatta and New Delhi, the cost for FUE transplant in a standard clinic varies between ₹50 to ₹70 per graft for FUE. Cost in some luxury clinics can go upto ₹ 100 per graft. Medical costs in metros are higher which are not affordable in a region like the North East.

Cost per graft in Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic is now offered at an attractive discount price of ₹45 per graft above 1000 grafts (previous cost was ₹50).

Dr.P.J.Mazumdar and Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic introduces in Guwahati, Assam and the North East the most advanced technique for hair transplantation – the FUE method – which is extremely effective, painfree and highly comfortable for the patient.
Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic is into its fifth year of operation from 2012 and 500+ patients have been treated effectively till date from all over Assam and the North-East including Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura. Patients have also been treated from other states of India like Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, etc along with NRIs from UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Special discount is given for bigger procedures at a cost of ₹40 per graft above 2000 grafts.

In addition to this cost, there is a small OT charge which varies according to the time of the procedure and not the number of grafts.

Most people in the North East do about 500 to 1000 grafts in a session due to various constraints and so the average cost for a transplant is usually between ₹24,000 to ₹48,000.

These prices are fixed hospital prices and are the same for everybody. Prices are already heavily discounted and no further discounts are given.

This figure is the total cost and there are no other hidden costs. The external costs include: investigations of about ₹1000 which are needed for Downtown OT and registration ₹600. Medicines are not expensive, costing about ₹600 or so.

Look up here for a table on the approximate costs according to the number of grafts done.

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Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic also offers 0% interest-free installment payments for salaried persons. The conditions for this are:

  • Installment facility is available only for salaried workers of Govt, Semi-Govt or Multi-national institutions.
  • Legal agreement has to be signed with the Hospital for availing installment system. This agreement is binding and the clinic reserves the right to take legal action for any trespass.
  • Patient must reach the hospital on the day prior to the procedure for carrying out the formalities for installment payment.
  • The patient must produce salary slips of the previous two months. In general, monthly salary should be at least three times of the amount to be paid as installment.
  • Patient must also produce bank statement of last three months and have a generally good standing.
  • Half the total cost is to paid on the day of the procedure and the remaining half in three equal instalments
  • Three post dated signed and valid cheques have to given along with the payment for the remaining three instalments
  • Photocopy of Identification proof such as Drivers license or Passport and Employment proof such as Identity card of theInstitution has to be given at the time of payment.
  • Instalment payment will not be considered if valid cheques are not available.

In Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic, the costs have been kept at the minimum. This has been done despite the procedure being done through FUE and using the full safety and sterility of the hospital OT and its well staffed and fully modern OT theaters. This allows us to offer the full benefits of this procedure in the NE region where it is still relatively unknown. Persons with high grade baldness usually need between 1000 to 2000 hairs while those with lesser degree of baldness with temporal hairline recession can often get a very nice effect with 500 hairs only.

One big advantage of the FUE procedure is that it allows the patient to get the procedure done in stages so that the cost burden does not come at the same time. This was not possible in the earlier strip method. A patient who needs 1500 hairs for example to cover his bald areas, can do just 500 hairs in one session, then do another 500 hairs after 3- 6 months or so and a third sitting later, thus spreading the costs. This way he will ultimately get the same benefit on 'installment' basis without being financially stressed. 500 hairs can be used to give a good dense 'forelock' which is very effective in reducing the bald look. Of course, the more hairs that are done, the better is the overall effect.

Such spread out sessions of transplantation also have an advantage in that the hair growth is not dramatic and not noticeable. Celebrities and others who are constantly in the limelight often prefer to go for such distributed sessions so that there is no sudden change in appearance which might cause comment.

Hair transplant is a one-time cost. There are no further maintenance costs at all and the hair will last your whole life without needing any care. Hair gives you a young and youthfull appearance and helps not just socially but also in one's career. Read up here for a witty writeup on this hair vs baldand hairy American presidents. Transplants will change not only the way you look and give you greater confidence and ability; what so many research studies have shown is that people tend to place greater trust and belief in those with hair than in balding persons.

Sometimes people are offered very low quotes on the phone or after enquiring on the web. It should be remembered that such quotes are always suspect. It is upto the patient to make sure that he is not being taken for a ride by some illegal and unsafe clinic. Clinics will offer anything to get the customer into their grip and it is only then that they will show their true face.

Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic does not want to discuss any low price offered by some center or other. This is among the lowest price offered by reputed clinics in India, though clinics of lesser standard may offer cheaper prices. We do not compete on prices, only on quality.

Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic uses the best instruments like 6X Heine loupes, Titanium Blunt punches, best sterilization and other practises, etc to ensure quality which in the final run is more cost effective than an intial cheap procedure.

Contact at the center to further discuss the costs and the final estimate.

Dr. P. J. Mazumdar.
Downtown Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic

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Downtown Hospitals, Dispur,

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To know about the exact cost and other information, and for appointment, SMS or call directly at ⇒ 09864014046, 08811077011

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Consultation hours:

Downtown Hospital:
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Room 115, Building 1, Downtown Hospitals.

Arogyam Multispecialty Health Clinic:
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Quality assuarance:
Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic takes several steps to ensure that quality is maintained for each and every patient. The key to quality maintenance is to implement quantizable quality standards and maintain proper documentation and review of processes. Downtown Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 and NABH accredited hospital which demands strict adherence to quality control.Steps taken are:

100% safety assurance: all procedures are done in the main OT of Downtown Hospital with its full complement of anesthesiologists and critical care specialists. Hence patients are assured of full safety standards at the same level as that of major surgeries including transplant surgeries.

100% sterilization assurance: since procedures are done in the major OT full sterilization is maintained. Fumigation is done every week and swab tests are done to check for contamination.

Best instrumentation: Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic uses the best available instruments like 6X Heine Loupe for precision and accuracy, Blunt Titanium punches which avoids damage and transection of the grafts, Choi implanters to standardise the process of planting and prevent damage during planting, Major OT level sterilization, fumigation and autoclaving of all instruments, etc.

Efficiency count: Efficiency counts for FUE like transection rates and speed of transplant are noted and documented for each case and reviewed every 10 cases. Arogyam Hair Transplant achieves international standards of transection and speed consistently.

Correct recepient density: To ensure correct recepient density, 'density stamps' are used to ensure proper density is achieved. Angle and direction of hair is meticulously maintained.

Out of body time: The out of body time, the time for which the graft is outside the body, is the most critical factor for success in hair transplant. Aroyam Hair Transplant follows a special procedure to ensure that this time is the minimum. This is done by doing only 500-600grafts at a time and then replanting them. This ensures that time out of body is less than or equal to1 hour only. This is the shortest period acheivable. Many centers do upto 2000-2500 grafts at a time so that time out of body goes upto 4-5 hours. We are proud of our time out of body quantum. Though this may cause some sacrifice of time but results are more important.

Follow up: follow up period is critical for the patient when there are many doubts and anxieties in his mind. In our clinic, Dr. P. J. Mazumdar will remain always accessible to the patient directly on his personal cell for any questions the patient may have during this period.

The academic certificates of Dr. P. J. Mazumdar may be examined here: Academic Certificates. His resume can be perused here: Resume. To find the contact address and other details, go to Contact. The blog contains various blog posts mainly on Hair Transplant. The Forum is where questions can be asked. To see photos of hair transplant cases done in Downtown Hair transplant clinic, go to Gallery. The Blog, Forum and Gallery pages are still under construction, please revisit after about a month.

By Palash Mazumdar