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Hair Transplant in Guwahati and Northeast by Dr. P. J. Mazumdar

40 F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) ABOUT HAIR TRANSPLANT

Dr.P.J.Mazumdar and Downtown Hair Transplant Clinic introduces in Guwahati, Assam and the North East the most advanced technique for hair transplantation the FUE method which is extremely effective, painfree and highly comfortable for the patient.

Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic is situated in Guwahati, Assam. It is a part of Downtown Hospital, Guwahati.

Dr. P. J. Mazumdar, MS, FICS, Diplomate ABHRS is the hair transplant doctor of Arogyam Hair Transplant clinic. All consultation and procedures are done by Dr. P. J. Mazumdar, Hair Transplant specialist. He is the only US Board Certified hair transplant doctor in the North East.


At Arogyam, the most modern hair transplant method, Blunt Motorised Blunt FUE, is used. This minimises hair injury thus allowing the healthiest and best growth of hair. This method was first introduced in 2006 by Dr. Sam Harris, the founder of modern FUE. Dr. P. J. Mazumdar trained under Dr. Sam Harris in 2016.

This is of course always an important consideration in cosmetic procedures.

Cost in Hair Transplant depends on the number of grafts to be done. The number of grafts needed in turn depends on the area that is empty and also on the desire of the patient. Patients having larger bald areas will require more grafts. Also the patient's desires like how much density he wants and the area he wants to cover all affect the price. Some centers nowadays quote a lump sum to patients or quote price in terms of square centimetres but this is not fully honest as the patient then does not know exactly what he or she is going to get. Also, quoting price in terms of hairs rather than grafts and offering discounts are other ways of confusing the patient. Although some centers nowadays quote a lump sum to the patient or in terms of square centimetres or in hairs instead of grafts, in all reputed AHRS accredited clinics cost is calculated in terms of grafts which ensures total honesty and transparency.

At Arogyam Hair Transplant Center we are committed to offering a straightforward honest appraisal for costs and also to keeping the costs at the lowest possible rate for the people of the Northeast.

Read more here about the costs of hair transplant Top 10 things you need to know about cost in hair transplant in Guwahati, Assam

Hair transplant is in general very safe procedure. Hair remains in the skin itself, and so the only thing that is dealt with in the procedure is the top layer of the skin. There is therefore little risk involved at all in any part of the procedure.

The main risks are: infection, allergic reaction to the medicines, hypotension and uneven results. All these risks can generally be avoided safely if done in a proper OT setting and hence it is important to check the status of the clinic before doing a procedure.

The FUE method is  safer than the strip method. In the strip method, a strip of skin is cut out and the edges have to be sutured. Though even this method is very safe, yet there is slight risk of excessive bleeding, wound infection, nerve injury leading to long term pain, etc. In FUE, even these risks are minimized. A specialized small drill is used to remove the hair and special implanters are used to plant it back in the new site - risks involved in this procedure are relatively small.

In Hair Transplant, as in all medical procedures, it is extremely important to choose the right doctor and clinic. There are many new clinics mushrooming throughout India, and they all come with flashy advertising on the media and internet. A prospective patient is likely to get confused seeing the cheap discounts and catchy slogans that the companies come up with. What are the criteria that must be kept in mind so that a person can be sure that he is getting the right treatment and not being cheated? Look up here to understand what is important in selecting a doctor and clinic TOP 30 QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK BEFORE SELECTING YOUR HAIR TRANSPLANT DOCTOR AND CLINIC

The number of hairs that are needed by an individual patient will vary widely. This can be assessed only after seeing and examining the patient. Most early stage bald patients will have a 1000 to 2000 graft transplant, while those in the middle stages of balding may do 2000 to 4000 grafts. Later stage baldness requires more than 4500 grafts including beard and chest hair donation.

Contact at the Downtown Hair Transplant Center to estimate your ideal requirement of hairs for transplant.

Pain is minimal in FUE hair transplant.

The whole procedure is done under Local Anesthetic. Pain during procedure is quite bearable as HT has been done in our clinic on a patient as young as 14 years (a burn case) and upto 76 years old. Postoperatively also, FUE causes much less pain than the earlier strip method and this pain is easily controlled by analgesics which have to be taken for about three days. In strip method, since there is an incision and there is also a stitch, pain is much more severe in the post operative period. Analgesics have to be taken for a longer time in the strip method.

The latest technology of needleless injectors has been introduced in Arogyam for further pain control, this is a first in the North East. Pain is further minimized with this technique where the injector does not have a needle.

Read more here about pain in hair transplant Pain in Hair Transplant.

No, we also provide medical treatment for your hair loss or any hair problem. When you consult at our clinic, you will be first assessed for your hair problem and an appropriate treatment plan will be devised and discussed with you. Many hair problems including hair loss can be treated with medicines and PRP. SMP and LLLT are other available treatment options. When medicine treatment is possible, this will be the primary mode of treatment for you. It is only when hair transplant is a must that it will be advised for you.

No, it will not. That is the point of using hair from the safe zone. The hair in this safe or permanent zone are genetically programmed to last throughout your life. (Look up here to see what the safe zone is.) Hence when this permanent hair is transplanted to the bald zone, it will grow there throughout your life, you can expect this hair to remain there till your death!

Yes, the transplanted hair will grow normally throughout your life. It is your own normal hair. It will grow at just the same rate as other hairs.

Yes, the donor zone will have reduced density of hairs. But hair from here is taken in such a way that the reduced density is not appreciable. The safe zone has a thick density of hair. Only around one out of eight hairs is taken. This loss of density is not visible and after the procedure, no one will be able to make out that you have reduced hair in this part. Besides, since it is at the back of the head, the hairs growing down from the top cover up this area anyway.

Yes, unfortunately your original hair will continue to be affected by balding at the same rate. This often makes a repeat hair transplant necessary when the first hair transplant is done at an early age. To minimize this, medicines and treatments like PRP are done for the original hair.

Yes, this is your own natural hair. You can comb, shanpoo or dye it as required. You do not need any special kind of shampoos or hair oil for the transplanted hair, you can use your favorite brands. You can shape it as you like. The hair will also grey naturally along with the other hair.

Yes, the hair will grow back after being shaven. The roots of the hair are planted deep into the skin and it is these roots, just like other hair, which will grow the hair shafts after shaving.

The main cause of hair loss in males is called 'Male Pattern Baldness'. This is a condition which is linked to genetics and also to your hormonal levels. Besides this, there are several other causes of hair loss. Look up here for causes of hair loss


Yes, investigations are needed for hair loss before going for hair transplant. We first need to look for any particular conditions which could have caused or added to the hair loss. Look up here for causes of hair loss. Besides this, some investigations are also needed for safety during surgery also. A full investigation panel is advised at the first consultation for hair transplant. Look up here for a list of investigations that may be advised.

Yes,certainly. Hair transplant is done in females also and basically the same procedure is followed with the same success rates. In females, hair transplant is done mainly for two reasons - to lower the hairline in those ladies who feel they have too large a forehead due to higher hairline, and to increase hair density in ladies with hair loss due to female pattern baldness. The results are the same and female baldness is also helped very much by hair transplant. In fact, about 5% of patients in a hair transplant clinic are females.
Look up here for an article on hair transplant in females.


No, this is not an ideal case for hair transplant. This sounds like alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition. In this, the body's own antibodies attack the hair follicles in a particular region causing the hair to die out there. This causes the bald region. Hair transplanted into alopecia areata regions soon die out, and hence hair transplant is not advised for this. This is treated with medicines and injections and results for this are quite good. 

Mesotherapy is not at all an acceptable therapy for hair loss. It is a totally unscientific therapy and no studies at all have been done into it. It is a sheer waste of money. There is no scientific proof at all that it is effective, and in fact there are studies that show that it can harm hair growth. Read up here for an article on mesotherapy.


Read more about the Mesotherapy of hair transplant  here

In Hair Transplant, as in all medical procedures, it is extremely important to choose the right doctor and clinic. There are many new clinics mushrooming throughout India, and they all come with flashy advertising on the media and internet. A prospective patient is likely to get confused seeing the cheap discounts and catchy slogans that the companies come up with. What are the criteria that must be kept in mind so that a person can be sure that he is getting the right treatment and not being cheated? Look up here to understand what is important in selecting a doctor and clinic Top 30 Questions you need to ask for selecting your hair transplant doctor and clinic

This is a frequent question in the mind of patients. What are the steps that I will have to go through, what measures will I have to take before and after the procedure. Read up herefor information on what happens on the day of the procedure Day of Procedure

No, hair from other persons cannot be used. The immune system of the person would reject the hair and there would be a lot of inflammation and infection. In case of transplants like kidney and liver transplant, the person has to take immunity suppressing drugs throughout life, but this is not practicable for a hair transplant.

Artifical Fibers in Hair Transplant have a long and controversial history. In fact artificial fibers were among the first materials to be tried for hair transplant. But they are not commonly used anymore because they have various disadvantages. There are still some centers which use artificial fibers, but few people use them. Read up here for more information on Artifical Fibers in Hair transplant Artificial Fiber.

A hair consists of a single strand of hair. A graft on the other hand consists of a group of hairs. Each graft can contain 1,2,3 or more hairs. In our clinic and in all reputable clinics, counting and costs is always done in terms of grafts. So if we transplant 2000 grafts in a person, we would be giving him about 4500 hairs or more, but we would only mention 2000 grafts. Some disreputable clinics however to confuse a customer talk about hairs instead, and may claim for example that '3498 hairs have been implanted in 6 hours'. Here it is the hairs being mentioned while perhaps only 1500 grafts were implanted which is done regularly. Similarly in costing, some clinics will often quote a price in terms of hairs instead of grafts, which would make the offer look very attractive. Look up here for more information on the difference between grafts and hairs Follicular unit and Graft

Most procedures are done within one day. It takes about 8-10 hours for the procedure. The procedure starts at 9:30 AM and can take upto 6 PM for 1500 grafts and 7PM for 2000 grafts. The biggest procedures of more than 2000 grafts are done over two days upto lunch time the next day. However, the patient does not need hospitalisation. He can go home or stay overnight in any accommodation and come back next morning for the second day of the procedure.

No, there will not be any bandages at the front of the head after the transplant, there will only be a bandage at the back of the head which is to be kept overnight and removed the next day at home. After the transplant, the area of transplanted hair will be slightly reddish and scabs will form at the base of the transplanted hairs, and patients will have to wear a cap or a head scarf when going out to stop others from seeing this. This is required for only for 10-12 days, after that the scabs will disappear and the area will look very normal and caps or scarves are not needed.

No, hair need not be shaved but it is trimmed very short, to about 3 mm which is about the size of the hair length of security forces.

No, you do not have to take rest at all and you can join in your work from the next day, though you may have to wear a cap or scarf to cover up the signs of hair transplant for 10 days.

No, excessive hair is not treated by hair transplant. Excessive hair is removed with laser hair removal. Arogyam Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic has the most advanced Diode Laser for hair removal. Read up Laser Hair Removal in Guwahati for more on this 'Laser Hair Removal in Guwahati'

Persons who have lost all hair in the front and vertex are called Grade 7 baldness. In such persons the area of hair loss is more than the available hairs in the back of the head. But coverage of the head can still be done by taking hairs from the beard and chest. The number of grafts needed are very high, 4500 to 5500, but good recovery can still be achieved though time and cost is more.

You can take a bath from next day. Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic also allows washing of hair from next day itself, though of course very gently. Shampooing of hair is allowed after 4 days.

No, hair transplant will not stop hair fall, hair transplant is used only where baldness has developed. The two most appropriate forms of treatment for hair fall are medicines,  LLLT and PRP. LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy can minimize hair loss. Look up here for more information on LLLT. Read up here for more information on PRP

You can go back to the gym after 7 days. However, you should avoid weights for 20 days. From 7th day to 20 days, you can do free hand exercises and cardio training. After 20 days full gym exercises can be done.

No, there is little risk of infection after hair transplant. Blood supply in the scalp is very profuse and so there is little chance of infection

This is a question that is often asked by hair transplant patients but in fact the brain is not involved in any way in hair transplant. This is done only in the upper half of the skin and the brain is much deeper and moreover it is enclosed in the bones of the skull. There is no way that the brain is involved and so there is no headache or any other effect on the brain.

For such a case, best option is SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation. This can help to cover the bare areas of the scalp and prevent them from being visible. Look up here for more information on SMP

Final results in hair transplant will take 6 to 9 months to show. This is both because hair takes a long time to grow, and also because part of the hairs fall off initially and then grow back. Read up here to know more about how long the results will take

Yes, hair transplant can be done in patients having high BP or diabetes also. The only requirement is that the pressure and blood sugar levels must be controlled at the time of the transplant and for 3 weeks afterwards. You must disclose to the doctor your condition and also all medicines that you are taking for your own safety. All conditions like cardiac stenting or angioplasty must be disclosed to your doctor during the time of examination.

Yes, hair transplant being a relatively safe procedure can be done in most cases. However, you must inform your doctor about any medicines that you take regularly or any prior medical conditions that you have prior to the procedure.

Direct Hair Implantation is a type of FUE. It is not a different technique. The difference with the normal FUE lies in one step only in that during the method of extraction, the cut graft is not taken out from the scalp and placed in a tray but is kept in the scalp itself and then taken out and planted. This does not make any difference in results. Read up here for more information on Direct Hair Implantation.

You can get back to work from the very next day. That is the power of the Motorised Blunt FUE technique. It causes very little morbidity and the inconvenience is minimal. You may choose to wear a cap for about two weeks so that the signs of operation like a slight reddishness of the operated areas are not seen. After two weeks, even the cap is not necessary. There is minimal pain and swelling and in general this does not require absence from  work.

The postoperative period is generally uneventful. You will not get any major problems. Medicines will be prescribed for you which will help tackle the common side effects.

You will be able to consult with the doctor directly for any problems that you might want to discuss. Doctor will be available for consultation and no consultation fees will be charged post operatively for any consultation.

Read more about the postoperative period of hair transplant  here

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Quality assuarance

Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic takes several steps to ensure that quality is maintained for each and every patient. The key to quality maintenance is to implement quantizable quality standards and maintain proper documentation and review of processes. Downtown Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 and NABH accredited hospital which demands strict adherence to quality control.Steps taken are:

Safety assurance: all procedures are done in the main OT of Downtown Hospital with its full complement of anesthesiologists and critical care specialists. Hence patients are assured of full safety standards at the same level as that of major surgeries including transplant surgeries. 

Sterilization assurance: since procedures are done in the major OT full sterilization is maintained. Fumigation is done every week and swab tests are done to check for contamination.

Best instrumentation: Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic uses the best available instruments like 6X Heine Loupe for precision and accuracy, Blunt Titanium punches which avoids damage and transection of the Follicular Units, Choi implanters to standardise the process of planting and prevent damage during planting, Major OT level sterilization, fumigation and autoclaving of all instruments, etc.

Efficiency count: Efficiency counts for FUE like transection rates and speed of transplant are noted and documented for each case and reviewed every 10 cases. Arogyam Hair Transplant achieves international standards of transection and speed consistently.

Counting trays: Counting trays are used to contain the follicular units and all patients are given photographs on their mobiles which they can use to easily count the number of follicular units taken out so that they can be sure that they have received the correct number of FU's.

Dr. P. J. Mazumdar is the first and only American Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and all procedures are done following the ethical and technical guidelines of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. As such, patients can be assured of receiving full professional care as per International standards approved by the ABHRS and ISHRS.

Correct recepient density: To ensure correct recepient density, 'density stamps' are used to ensure proper density is achieved. Angle and direction of hair is meticulously maintained.

Out of body time: The out of body time, the time for which the follicular unit is outside the body, is the most critical factor for success in hair transplant. Aroyam Hair Transplant follows a special procedure to ensure that this time is the minimum. This is done by doing only 1000 follicular units at a time and then replanting them. This ensures that time out of body is less than or equal to1 hour only. This is the shortest period acheivable. Many centers do upto 2000-2500 follicular units at a time so that time out of body goes upto 4-5 hours. We are proud of our time out of body quantum. Though this may cause some sacrifice of time but results are more important.

Follow up: follow up period is critical for the patient when there are many doubts and anxieties in his mind. In our clinic, Dr. P. J. Mazumdar will remain always accessible to the patient directly on his personal mobile for any questions the patient may have during this period.   

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Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure and consists only of removing hair from hair growing regions and restoring it to hair deficient regions.

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