IPL, RF and Nd-Yag Laser


IPL, RF and Nd-Yag Laser


IPL is a form of light therapy that depends on very high intensity light which is applied to the skin at different wavelengths, duration and power. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. A very powerful source of light is used for the light energy. This is channelled through appropriate handpiece onto the skin. Various parameters of the light can be adjusted. The 4 main parameters are:

Power: this is the energy of the light, measured in fluence.Pulse width: the length of time for which the light is 'on', measured in milliseconds 

Pulse interval: the interval between two pulses of light.

Wavelength: the wavelength of light determines the 'colour' of the light. This is most important as the colour of the light determines which organs of the skin will absorb the light most. For example, acne treatment uses a cut off filter of 420nm whereas pigmentation treatment uses a cut off filter of 590nm.



IPL and other lasers work on the principle of selective photothermolysis, ie, some pigments in the skin absorb more of certain wavelengths of light than other cells, and this enables the laser to work preferentially on those cells. For example, the black melanin colour of the melanin cells in the skin absorb light more than other cells, and so get heated up and destroyed while the other cells are not harmed.

Different wavelengths of light are used for different effects, thus 490nm of light is used for acne treatment, 640nm for hair removal and 560nm for skin rejuvenation. These are combined with different fluences, pulse width, pulse frequency, etc to achieve optimal effect in different conditions.

Cold Radiofrequency:

Cold radiofrequency is another energy based instrument which is used for a specific function on the skin, skin tightening.

Radiofrequency acts by delivering heat to the skin at controlled depths and temperature. It uses a current at very low voltage but high frequency to deliver an alternating current at a specified depth. The temperature that is reached has to be very controlled – it has to be high enough to cause a mild heat injury to the skin, but not high enough to cause denaturing of the cells. This mild heat injury causes stimulation of collagen and thus causes tightening and improved tone of the skin.


Q Switched Nd-Yag laser

Nd-Yag laser uses a semi-conducting material as the emitting array of laser. Q Switched means the pulse of light is very fast and lasts only for nano seconds. Q Switched Nd-Yag uses this high speed light energy for many different purposes – the main three uses of Q Switched Nd Yag are for tattoo removal, black doll facial and pigmentation removal.

In Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, tattoo removal is done with two filters, 1064nm and 532nm. Black doll facial which is also called photofacial is another very useful function of Nd-Yag laser and a filter of 1324nm is used for this.

Read below for more information on all the different uses of IPL, RF and Nd-Yag Laser in Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati.




Read up below to know more about IPL and ND-YAG Services


    What is the best anti aging and anti wrinkle treatment for dry skin and wrinkles?

    Where is the best anti agingskin treatmentavailable in Guwahati?

    Where is the best photorejuvenation or laser anti aging treatment available in Guwahati?


    Photorejuvenation refers to the use of laser light energy to rejuvenate the skin and remove the aging look.


    In Arogyam Cosmetic clinic, we use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy for skin rejuvenation and anti aging therapy. IPL laser energy is applied to the skin which removes pigmentation marks, patchy irregularities, patchy vasculature and also causes new collagen formation for a healthy and young skin.

    Aging causes two types of differences in our skin: Type 1 or Extrinsic is caused by the prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun which causes numerous aging changes in the skin and Type 2 changes are caused by the genetic process of aging which is encoded in our genes.

    In Type 1 aging which is caused by Ultraviolet ray exposure from the sun, there are pigmentary changes like liver spots, actinic keratosis and solar lentignes which are different types of small dark spots on the skin, vascular changes such as irregular redness or blushing of the skin and appearance of small vessels and changes in texture of skin leading to dry rough skin. In Type 2 aging which is caused due to genetic encoding, there are numerous microstructural changes in the skin mainly due to changes in the collagen structure leading to effects like wrinkles, sagging of the skin, looseness and dryness of the skin.

    IPL anti aging or photorejuvenation therapy has an excellent effect on Type 1 changes and moderate effect on Type 2. Photorejuvenation or anti aging therapy by IPL clears up pigmentary changes and vascular changes very well leaving the skin looking clear and young. It reduces or eliminates marks of sun spots and freckles, lessens hyperpigmented areas giving an even tone to the skin, treats vascular lesions like broken capillaries and excessive blushing. At the same time, IPL also has a moderate effect on type 2 changes by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin, and boosting  collagenand elastin production. IPL does this by causing controlled thermal stimulation of the collagen fibrils which increases fibroblast activity and fresh collagen.

    Thusanti aging or photorejevenation by IPL has a tremendous effect in reducing the signs of aging. There are very few risks associated with this procedure when done correctly. It is a safe daytime procedure taking less than 30 minutes. Patients can go back to work immediately after the procedure. Minimal aftercare is required after the procedure. 3 to 5 sessions are recommended at intervals of 1 month. Patients need to use a strong sunscreen or avoid going into the sunlight for at least 2 days after the procedure. It is a painless procedure with very few to nil side effects.

    For best antiaging results, photorejuvenation by IPL should be combined with cold Radiofrequency therapy. In RF, radiofrequency waves are used to heat up the deeper layers of the skin without harming the superficial layers. This causes stimulation of the deeper collagen layers and fresh collagen is produced. This has a profound effect on tightening the skin and imparting a fresh look. RF thus complements IPL in anti aging as it has a better effect on the type 2 effects of aging.

    A combination of 5 sessions alternately, 3 IPL and 2 RF, are recommended in Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic which has an immense effect in reducing the appearance of aging and will make a person look much younger than his or her contemporaries.

    IPL photorejuvenation is a scientifically backed procedure and there is a lot of scientific literature on this, read up below for some scientific studies:





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    What is the best treatment for oily skin and tightening pores?

    My pores are enlarged and skin is oily, how do I treat this?

    Where is the best treatment for pore enlargement and oily skin available in Guwahati?


    Enlarged pores in the skin, uneven discolouration of the skin, oily skin, etc are some of the common problems that are faced by people throughout the world. These problems are caused both by genetic inheritance and environmental factors.

    IPL Laser Photofacials can help greatly with all these problems. Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has the latest IPL platform  which can be used to cure these problems. In IPL, strong light radiation at different wavelingths is pulsed on the skin. This affects various structures of the skin and causes beneficial effects. The light stimulates collagen production in the skin and thus helps to tighten and freshen up the skin, causing pores to shrink. It also affects the sebaceous glands and causes decrease of oil production. The IPL energy also affects the melanocytes, the dark pigmentation cells of the skin, decreasing pigmentation and evening out the skin tone. Enlarged blood vessels also shrink, which helps further in evening out the skin tone.

    Another method used in treatment of enlarged pores and oily skin is Black Doll or China Doll Facial. This is also called Hollywood Facial as it is commonly in Hollywood. In this a black activated carbon mask is applied on the skin which contains nano particles of carbon. These particles penetrate deep into the skin pores. A Q switched ND-Yag laser is then used at a frequency of 1364nm. The energy from this laser vapourises the carbon particles, causing deep heat penetration of the skin. This reduces the size of the pores and also has many other beneficial effects like imparting a glow to the skin, removing pigmentation, evening out the skin tone, etc.

    Each session takes only about 20 to 30 minutes. The procedure is almost painless. The patient can go back to work immediately after treatment. Minimal precautions like avoiding sun exposure and using a heavy sun screen when going out are all the need to be observed.

    The best treatment for enlarged pores and oily skin is a combination of IPL and Nd-Yag Facial. Two sessions of IPL alternated with one session of Nd-Yag facial can be combined at intervals of 1 month for a total of 3 months. This will not only help in reducing enlarged pores and oil production but will also have many other beneficial effects like reducing pigmentation and vascularization, evening skin tone, lightening the skin tone, etc leaving the skin looking fresh and young.

    Please contact at 8811077011 for further information and to book an appointment.

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    How can I treat dark spots and skin pigmentation marks on my face?

    How to get rid of hyperpigmentation marks with laser?

    Where is IPL laser available in Guwahati for pigmentation/hyperpigmentation and dark patches?


    Dark spots and pigmentation marks on the skin, specially on the face, are a common problem which many people face. This problem tends to occur more as we age due to sun exposure. Such dark spots or patches and pigmentation marks can be treated very well with IPL Laser at Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati.

    Dark spots can occur due to various causes. Some of the causes are freckles, melasma, keratosis, lentignes, post traumatic, acne, etc.

    Freckles- small brown or black spots mainly on the face

    Solar lentigines – small black spots that appear in sun exposed areas such as the face due to sun exposure, also called age spots, liver spots or sunspots.



    Melasma- patchy black hyperpigmentation on the face after pregnancy

    Acne – inflammation of acne can cause spots of hyperpigmentation

    Post-traumatic – any injury to the skin such as after a large boil or pimple, or an actual injury, can leave behind a dark patch

    Such dark spots can be treated with various methods like ointments, skin peels, micro dermabrasion, etc. One of the best methods to treat dark patches is with the IPL laser.


    IPL laser acts by shining strong light energy at specified wavelength of 590nm. This light energy is preferentially absorbed by black colours, and so the black pigmentation cells, the melanocytes, in our skin, absorb the light more than the surrounding skin. These melanocytes get heated up and destroyed, where they are eventually absorbed by the body. Hence the dark spots lose their dark colour and the skin tone is evened out. The surrounding skin is not harmed.


    IPL laser therapy is a very safe and effective treatment for dark spots and pigmentations. Generally 3 sessions are required for complete removal of dark spots, but the first session itself is sufficient to remove most dark areas. Each session takes only about 20 to 30 minutes. The treatment is almost painless. The patient can go back to work immediately. Only precaution is that sun exposure should be minimised and a strong sun screen should be used when going outdoors. Complications are negligible: hypo and hyper pigmentation, burns, etc have been reported in literature but do not occur if done correctly

    Treatment can be done at any age but generally avoided in those below 21 years.

    Please call at 8811077011 for further information and to book an appointment.

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    What is the best treatment for rosacea?

    How can I remove the enlarged veins on my face and leg?

    What is the best treatment for birth marks removal?

    Where is the best clinic for laser birthmark removal in Guwahati?



    Enlarged veins of the face or other areas of the skin can be treated very well with IPL. Various venous disorders like rosacea, spider veins, venous lakes, etc can cause cosmetic disfigurement. Such venous enlargement can be treated very well by IPL Laser treatment at Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery.

    Telangiectasias are enlarged venules which appear as threadlike patterns on the skin. Deeper capillaries can also be enlarged. This causes cosmetic disfigurement and can lead to rosacea, a condition in which there is redness of the skin of the face.

    IPL is used to treat this very effectively. The heat energy from the IPL causes constriction of the small vessels leading to collapse of the vessels or narrowing. Rosacea can be treated very well in this manner, as also spider vein appearance in various parts of the body like the lower limbs.

    Rosacea and blushing and other venous cosmetic disorders require 3-5 sessions monthly for full effect. The effect occurs about 1 month after the procedure. The procedure takes only about 20 minutes, and is virtually painless. Complications are minimial – hypo and hyperpigmentation, burns etc are mentioned in literature but do not occur generally. It is a very convenient procedure – the patient can go back to work immediately after the procedure.

    IPL can also be used to treat some birth marks like Port Wine Stain, which is the appearance of a red patch on the face or other areas from birth. Other birth marks can also be treated with IPL. 6 to 10 sessions are generally required for birth marks. If the patient is a young child and not cooperative, then treatment is delayed till 14 years of age or later.

    Please call at 8811077011 for further information and to book an appointment.

    You can read up here for more info:


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    What is the best  skin whitening/lightening treatment?

    Where is the best laser skin whitening/lightening treatment done in Guwahati?


    Skin lightening /whitening or skin brightening is something which is much sought after in India. IPL laser treatment and Nd-Yag Black Doll facials are a safe and convenient method which can be used for skin whitening in Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati.

    Various methods are used for skin lightening which includes ointments containing Hydroquinone, glutathione infusions and laser treatment.

    Two main types of laser treatment are used in ArogyamCosmetic Surgery Clinic for skin lightening, IPL skin rejuvenation and Q switched Nd-Yag Black Doll Facial.


    In IPL skin rejuvenation, IPL light is used at filter of 590nm and this light is applied on the face and neck and other areas to be treated. The black colored melanocytes, which contain the black pigment in our skin, preferentially absorbs this light energy in comparision to the other cells of the skin. The melanocytes absorb the heat energy and get destroyed, and thus the pigmentation in our skin is reduced. Black spots and patches absorb light more than fairer portions, and so the skin tone gets evened out. Besides skin whitening, rejuvenation removes any black spots or patches, removes reddish tinge due to enlarged vessels, evens out the skin tone, promotes new collagen growth in the skin and makes the skin look younger, and imparts a glow to the skin.



    In Black Doll Facial with Q switched Nd Yaglaser , a black carbon nano particle paste is applied on the face, this enters into the pores of the skin. Nd Yag laser is then used to disperse these particles.


    The resulting interaction with the skin causes warming of the skin. Black melanocytes also absorb Nd Yag energy more and gets destroyed. This leads to overall brightening and whitening of the skin.

    Both methods work in slightly different ways and are highly efficacious. For skin lightening or whitening, 5 sessions of IPL and Nd Yag laser alternately are recommended at intervals of 1 month. The procedure causes minimal pain. It is a very safe procedure with minimal chance of complications. The procedure is very convenient and patients can go back to work immediately after treatment.Full effects are seen 1 month after the procedure.

    Sun exposure is to be minimised and a heavy sunscreen should be used for a week. Results are very good and level of satisfaction is very high after these sessions.

    Please call at 8811077011 for more information and to book an appointment.

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    What are the treatments for acne /pimples?

    How do I treat acne scars ?

    Where is the best laser treatment for acne / pimples in Guwahati?


    Acne or pimples is one of the most common skin problems faced by mainly young people. IPL is an important addition to acne therapy and is very effective as a treatment for acne. Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Guwahati uses IPL Laser for acne therapy to achieve clearance in difficult to treat cases and in those where the patient may not want to take oral medicines.

    There are various treatments for acne including ointments containing benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, retinol, etc,antibiotics both ointments and orally, and Retinoids like Isotretinoin. The patient should consult a dermatologist and decide on the best treatment.

    IPL Laser therapy for acne is also a very important mode of treatment. It is specially useful in those cases where topical (applied ointments) and systemic (oral medicines) are not working and in those cases where the patient wants to avoid taking oral medicines. IPL can achieve not just temporary healing of acute lesions but also achieves permanent cure.


    IPL laser acts by several different mechanisms on acne or pimples. It kills the P. acnes bacteria which is the main responsible factor for acne. It also decreases the size and activity of the sebaceous glands. It also decreases the vascular supply of the area reducing the inflammatory redness. It also stimulates collagen thus reducing the chances of scarring due to acne. Lastly, it produces beneficial effects on skin cells at the cellular level (enhances the transforming growth factor beta1/Smad3 signaling pathway and downregulates tumor necrosis alpha) which causes healing of existing lesions and stops new lesions from forming.

    The treatment consists of one session every week for 6 weeks. Sessions last for about 20 minutes only. The sessions are generally painless. Patient can go back to work or studies immediately after the treatment. Sunscreen needs to be applied for 3 days when going out after the treatment and it is better to avoid going outdoors as far as practicable. A steroid plus antibiotic cream is given for 3 days. Redness may occur in the treated area which subsides in a few hours.



    IPL treatment of acne is backed by a large number of studies and it has been shown that IPL by itself can stop acute sessions of acne breakouts, and also at the same time over the long course it prevents further recurrence of breakouts. Thus IPL has both curative and preventive actions in acne. IPL has also been shown to reduce or eliminate scarring due to acne. IPL treatment has become an important tool to cure acne.



    Acne treatment by IPL is a scientifically backed procedure and there are a large number of studies on this, you can look up here for some scientific studies on this:



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    How can scar removal be done?

    What is the best treatment for scars? What is laser treatment for scars?

    Where is the best laser treatment for scars done in Guwahati?

    IPL or Intense Pulsed light has many beneficial effects on the skin, like photorejuvenation, in pigmentation, aging skin, etc.

    IPL has also been used in scar therapy: hypertrophic scar and keloid, scars after surgery and scars after injury.

    IPL will not make the scars go away completely but helps to improve the appearance of scars.

    IPL is most useful in hypertrophic scars and keloids. Hypertrophic scars are scars where due to a reaction by the body, the scar multiplies and becomes a big scar.IPL reduces the height, redness and hardness of the scars.

    Main use of IPL is in such enlarged, inflamed and swollen scars and not in general scars.


    Treatment combining steroid injections with IPL gives the best results and can often help to resolve the hypertrophy completely.

    The treatment is very safe and convenient. Treatment takes only about 20 minutes. Patient can go back to work immediately after the procedure. There are very few complications of this treatment. Full effects are seen 1 month after the procedure. 3 to 7 treatments are needed at intervals of 1 month.

    Read up here for academic papers related to the use of IPL in hypertrophic scars:






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  • Cooling RF treatment
    Cooling RF treatment

    Cold Radiofrequency treatment for aging skin:

    How to treat saggy skin and tighten skin? How can I look younger?

    How do I treat the wrinkles on my face? How do I treat my ageing skin?

    Where is RF skin tightening available in Guwahati?



    As we age, our skin loses its tone and becomes loose and sags. Wrinkles appear on our skin and our skin loses its fresh glow. Many treatments are tried for this. Monopolar Radio Frequency application is a tried and tested treatment which works very well for aged skin and wrinkles. Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Guwahati has been regularly doing RF treatment to correct saggy skin.

    As we age, our skin accumulates elastototic material, and our collagen layer becomes depleted and also the collagen becomes disorganized with enhanced breakdown and loses its network formation. The skin thus loses its support framework and as a result it sags and loses its tone, and there is formation of wrinkles.

    RF energy can help greatly in reducing these changes. In RF application, a very low voltage current but at high frequency is applied to the skin. Because of the resistance of the skin, heat is produced when the current passes through the skin at controlled depths. This heat energy causes changes in the collagen structure by causing heat changes. This leads to  direct collagen contraction and immediate skin tightening. Because of the induced heat energy, there is further long term changes in the collagen due to wound healing leading to fresh deposit of collagen. This new collagen is symmetrically regenerated in an organised framework leading to renewal of the support of the skin. As a result the skin loses its sagginess and regains its tone, leading to decrease of wrinkles and an overall anti aging effect.


    RF application for tightening skin is one of the most commonly sought for procedures in Arogyam Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. It is a very safe procedure with minimal to no pain. 3-6 sessions at 2-week intervals are performed. Some effect is seen immediately but main effect is seen after 1 to 3 months of the first procedure and improvement continues till 3 months after the last procedure and even further. Sun exposure is to be avoided after the procedure for 3 days, and a heavy sun screen to be used when going outdoors. It is a very convenient procedure and the patient can go back to work or any social activity immediately after the procedure.

    RF application is well proven by many scientific studies, and is a convenient procedure to reverse the signs of aging. It has been shown to significantly improve ageing skin both subjectively and also objectively through skin biopsy. Repeat sessions should be done every year to continue the benefits of the treatment.

    Contact at 8811077011 for further information and to book an appointment.

    RF therapy for anti aging is a scientifically based treatment and there are many studies on this, read up below for some more information on this:





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    Tattoos removal is sought for due to a variety of reasons, like fading of ink, dissatisfaction with an old tattoo, joining the army, etc. The best method for removing tattoo is with Q Switched Nd-Yag laser. Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati has one of the most advanced Q switched Nd-Yag lasers for very effective and safe tattoo removal.

    Tattoos are created by inserting inks at the deeper layers of the dermis. A very wide variety of inks are used and this creates problems for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal works on the priniciple of photothermolysis. Tattoo inks are generally metal based, and the coloured metallic particles absorb laser light preferentially. They get heated up and break up into tiny particles. These particles are then cleared up by cells called phagocytes. The whole process takes about a month.

    Q switched Nd-Yag is considered the safest and most effective tattoo removal system. In Q switched Nd-Yag, the laser light shines for only a very short time, shorter than 10 nanoseconds. The metallic particles are capable of absorbing and heating up very quickly within this short time, whereas the other body cells and pigments cannot absorb light in this ultra short time. Hence tattoo ink gets dispersed without any damage to other cells.

    Different coloured inks absorb light at different frequencies. Hence two filters are used for tattoo removal. The 1064nm filter is good for black, blue and green inks. 532nm is used for red and yellow colours. The Nd – Yag laser is capable of delivering both these frequencies.

    Multiple sessions are required for tattoo removal. The difficulty level of removing a tattoo depends on a large variety of factors. These include the type of ink that is used, the colour of the ink, the depth at which it has been placed, the skin colour, characteristics of the skin, etc. Sessions are given at monthly intervals. Amateur tattoos which are generally placed at a shallow level and black tattoos generally go much more easily, while professionally done tattoos with multiple ink colours will take a longer time. Generally amateur tattoos take 2-4 sessions to disappear and professional tattoos 4 to 8 sessions. Sessions are done at monthly intervals.

    The treatment is not painful or minimally painful. Two passes are done at 20 minute intervals in each session. If coloured ink is present, then two passes each with both filters, 1064nm and 532nm are done. Immediately after the session, there will be erythema or redness which lasts for upto 24 hours. After that, patient will notice that the tattoo lines have become broadened. This means that the ink particles have shattered and spread. The dispersed ink particles are then absorbed by cells called phagocytes and gradually fade away. This process can take upto a month.Incase of light tattoos, sometimes a single session may be sufficient but generally 2 to 4 and in case of professional tattoos, upto 8 sessions may be required.

    Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati has a very advanced Q Switched Nd Yag Laser for tattoo removal with experienced and well trained staff. R20 technique is used with two passes at 20 min interval. Pricing for tattoo removal depends on the size of the tattoo.

    Please contact at  for further information and to book an appointment.


    Read up here for more info on Laser Tattoo Removal:




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  • Carbon laser therapy/charcoal laser facial/ China doll or Hollywood facial
    Hollywood facial

    I have oily skin and enlarged pores, what is the best laser treatment for me?

    I have an important event like a marriage coming up, where can I get a laser photofacial so that I will look good for the event?


    Carbon laser therapy is a procedure in which a suspension of carbonnano particles is applied to the face and a Q Switched Nd-Yag laser is then applied to the face. This gives an immediate glow to the face and also helps in treating enlarged pores and excessive oiliness of the skin. Carbon Laser Facial is done in Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic using the latest Q Switched Nd-Yag Laser at 1324nd wavelength and imported Carbon suspension.

    Carbon Laser therapy is also called China Doll facial because it was started initially in Asian countries as treatment for enlarged pores and oily skin. Subsequently it was adopted in the West and is also now called Hollywood Facial because many Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Jeniffer Aniston have publicly proclaimed their love for this therapy which they use before important events like film shoots or award ceremonies.

    In Carbon Laser therapy, a carbon suspension is first applied to the face. This suspension contains carbon nano particles. The suspension is then allowed to dry off for 20 minutes or more. The nano particles get absorbed deep into the skin and also enter the pores of the skin. Q Switched Nd-Yag laser at 1320nm frequency is then applied to the layer where it bursts off the carbon particles. As a result the light energy from the laser is absorbed deep into the skin. This helps to reduce the size of the pores and also reduces the sebaceous secretion from sebaceous glands. The carbon particles also attach to the dead cells of the face and any excessive secretions or dirt and these also get blasted off, giving a glow to the face. At the same time, carbon facials also have a deeper longer term effect  as they stimulate new collagen formation and hence improves skin tone, decreases wrinkles and improves skin sagging. These effects are seen after about 1 month after the therapy.

    Carbon laser facials are very effective for enlarged pores and oily skin. They are also a very useful therapy for pimples as they reduce oiliness of skin and also shrink the pores. And of course they are important as an excellent facial treatment before important events like weddings, etc as they impart a deep glow to the face. Ideally they should be done about 1 week before an important event so that longer term effects like neocollagenesis will also take effect.

    Carbon laser facials are done in Arogyam Cosmetic Clinic Guwahati using the latest technology. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. No downtime is required, the patient can go back to work immediately after the procedure. However, sun exposure should be minimized and a heavy sunscreen used for outdoor activity. Patients should avoid strong procedures like chemical peels and dermaabrasion for 1 month before the procedure.

    Please contact at 8811077011 for more information on this and to book an appointment.

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